Redi-Rooter Plumbing Service Truck

Plumbing Tip

We recommend getting a really good plunger. You can get one from us at Redi-Rooter Plumbing, inc. or you can get one at your local hardware store. They cost about $20 to $30. It may seem like a lot of money to spend on a plunger but it is well worth it. Many times if your toilet is plugged or your kitchen sink won’t drain a plunger is the answer. It will save you a service call. You can call us and we can talk you thru the correct way to use the plunger.

Disposal Tip

Always run water before putting anything down the disposal. Only put little bits of food down the disposal. They are not made for dumping all the left over’s from the refrigerator or for cleaning off all the table scraps. After running the disposal run warm water for a little bit. Sometimes things get stuck in the disposal never put your hand down into the disposal with out unplugging the unit from the wall. It is very dangerous to put your hand into a disposal with it being plugged in. Sometimes it is as easy as resetting the reset button on the disposal when it won’t run. If your disposal smells you can cut up a lemon or orange and slowing put small pieces into your disposal while running. This will make your disposal smell fresh.

Toilet Tip

A toilet that continues to run wastes many gallons of water. Sometimes it’s as simple as adjusting the chain or handle. The float can also be stuck. Many times it’s something that you can fix yourself. Always get a running toilet repaired because it does waste a lot of water and if you are on a meter it can cost you.